Wild Tales

I know, right? Terrible name.

I’ve always loved the outdoors. Actually, that’s not true. When I was a child I primarily loved computer games and resented the fact that I sometimes had to leave the house. Whatever, now I love the outdoors and try to get out of the city whenever I can. Being from the UK and living in California means that I’m constantly amazed by the place I live. Deserts, giant trees, granite peaks, alpine lakes, bears, mountain lions you name we got it. If you can get past the sometimes record breaking smugness and the worshiping of tech entrepreneurs as if they were theistic beings, it’s a great place.

After hiking around a bunch the last few years I thought it was finally time to document some of it. Fingers crossed someone will be slightly interested. I’ve recently started getting into lightweight backpacking and thinking about through hiking in the near future so I would love to get better at this whole blogging deal by then. Unless my priorities change, I’ll always take a camera and tripod with me. Photography was a large part of my teenage years but unfortunately, I got estranged from it during my time at university. I’m trying to get back into the swing of it but am not totally happy with the standard of my recent shots. Hopefully, they’re good enough to get the message across!

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